March 2021 

Best staff ever and a good honest business!!
~ Paula L.

July 2020

My name is Benjamin Kappes, and I am a new patient with Dr. Farnsworth.  I can't say enough positive things about the office and staff.  They are some of the nicest people around and I would highly recommend them.  Thanks again for working with me.

October 2019

We love coming in for our appointments!  The staff is so friendly, and the service always speedy and on time.  You always surprise us with your quick, skilled service.  Thank you so much for being our favorite medical appointment in town!  We love you all!!!!!!

~Audra K.

August 2019

Five of our children have completed successful treatment with Dr. Farnsworth and her excellent staff.  Our sixth child is currently in treatment.  We have been so pleased with our children's beautiful smiles, the speed and efficiency of SureSmile, and the care we've received.  We highly recommend Dr. Farnsworth for all your orthodontic needs

~April K.

February 2019

We love coming in for our appointments!  The staff is so friendly, and the service is always speedy and on time.  We never have to wait.  You always surprise us with quick, skilled service.  Thank you so much for being our favorite appointment in town!  We love you all!!!!

~Audra K.

October 2018

Dr. Farnsworth and staff are exceptional.  I had my braces on for 15 months, true to date.  The staff has been nothing but accommodating to my work and school schedule.  I highly recommend Dr. Farnsworth for anyone that is in the market for ortho services.  This is the best decision I have EVER made!

~ Tamekka C.

August  2018

I waited to fix my teeth until I was in my late twenties.  I received evaluations from different orthodontists that my teeth would take over 24 months of treatment and I wasn't willing to keep braces on that long.  Dr. Farnsworth was able to complete my treatment in 13 months and I love the results!  The office staff is very accommodating and courteous.  She spaces out appointments so it is never over crowded in the waiting room and I was always treated before my actual appointment time.  Dr. Farnsworth and her staff made having braces a surprisingly enjoyable experience.  I would recommend this office to everyone, children and adults alike, for top quality service.
~Brittany A.

March  2018

I would highly recommend Dr. Farnsworth if you need an orthodontist in Louisville. The staff are great, friendly and professional. The transformation of my teeth and mouth structure was phenomenal. The office is very clean, well kept, and they know what they are doing. They also do a great job catering to your needs and taking care of the things you may worry about when having braces so that you feel confident and comfortable. My teeth look AMAZING!

~Cam T.

January 2018

Fantastic place! Very modern design of the building and quite comfortable. Dr. Farnsworth was very helpful and braces went quicker than I expected. I love my new smile!

~Jackson K.

Actual patients of Dr. Farnsworth
  October  2017

My experience has been excellent! I recently started phase II of my treatment and everyone has taken great care of me. Thank you!

~Venezia M.

August 2017

Five stars don't even begin to describe how amazing this office is! All of the staff is very nice and goes out of their way to be helpful and friendly. Dr. Farnsworth is a perfectionist when it comes to the teeth, which I am thankful for. I have never had to wait. I finished my treatment with INVISALIGN treatment on Monday and cannot begin to tell you the confidence I have regained by doing this. I have always been one who loves to smile, and I found myself avoiding pictures or closed mouth smiling, and that wasn't me. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Farnsworth!

~Amber M.

July  2017

We LOVE Dr. Farnsworth and her entire staff!! We have been going there for a little over a year! Highly recommend!

~ Owen S.

May  2017

I just got my braces done today and I feel great. The staff is truly amazing and provide a comfortable and enjoyable visit. They walk you through each and every step and are very patient with their patients.

~ Ella P.

May  2017

Farnsworth Ortho has a welcoming environment, filled with warm smiles the minute you walk in. I'm almost done with my time with Dr. Farnsworth and I think part of me will miss my appointments. Keep doing what you're doing.

~ Georgia N.

May  2017

Dr. Farnsworth is awesome!! She is so kind and everyone at her office is incredibly nice. They always make you feel comfortable--appointments really do make my day! It makes the Invisalign process go so much faster.

~ Sharon Y.

March  2017

Our family started our orthodontic experience with Dr. Farnsworth several years ago with my husband receiving some long overdue love for his teeth. We were so pleased, we are back with two of our three kids in treatment and one not far behind!

~Heather W.

Nov.  2016

Farnsworth Ortho is GREAT! From the first phone call to inquire about braces, I felt welcomed. Never having braces as a child, I found many reasons to put it off as an adult. Finally, I did and I will forever be grateful that I went to Dr. Farnsworth to perfect my smile. The staff is so warm and personable. They were all very informative about what to expect during the entire process, and they were spot on every time. Dr. Farnsworth said she could straighten my smile in less than 12 months with the SureSmile system, and she did! They have a very nice office and waiting room, although I never sat in the waiting room for more than a couple of minutes. Maybe more of a perk for the parents waiting for the younger patients. I'm sure I will enjoy their waiting room when my children are older, because when it comes time for my children to see an orthodontist, we will be seeing Dr. Farnsworth.

I always wanted my teeth to be straight, but I never knew how good it would actually feel! I wish I had done it sooner, and so glad I finally did!!

~ B.G.

Oct.  2016

As an adult going to the orthodontist for the first time, I was a little nervous. By my second appointment, I was convinced that I picked the right place to get my smile back in working order. From the initial walk through the door, I could tell that Amy Farnsworth Orthodontics meticulously planned every step of my Invisalign journey to make it as easy and painless as possible. They were flexible with me on the payments, and streamlined my process to be as quick and efficient as possible while still maintaining the highest standards. I was never in the waiting room longer than 5 minutes, the staff knew my name on sight, they were well informed of my needs in the office, and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

~ E.U.

Sept.  2016

Dr. Farnsworth has been amazing so far. I had just went in for a consultation, not expecting to get my braces on that day. She thoroughly went over the treatment and pricing. The staff also made sure I didn't have any questions. Then, I was informed of a cancellation and I could go ahead and get started! I was amazed at how the staff changed their plans to help me, and put my braces on that day. Also, they knew I was on a time constraint for school, and worked very well around that. Dr. Farnsworth is very sweet, and I would recommend her.

~ L.H.



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