SureSmile® Aligners

The SuresSmile® aligner system is powered by a robust, clinically driven digital treatment planning platform. It ensures that Dr. Farnsworth is in control of treatment, and is designed to enable optimal patient customization. Using the advanced capabilities of the software each aligner is custom designed to the doctor's treatment plan, and anatomically designed to the patient's facial photo for ideal smile design. Aligners are changed every 10-14 days and with the use of  VPro accelerator, the discomfort of wearing aligners is greatly reduced.  VPro is a handheld mouthpiece that is provided to all SureSmile Complete cases.  Just five minutes per day is all that is required to improve the overall experience of wearing and changing your clear aligners.

  • SureSmile® VPro is a high frequency vibration device. The use of this device makes alignment treatment more comfortable to the patient and stimulates tooth movement.
  • SureSmile® VPro will therefore be provided for order with Full-service Aligner cases in SureSmile Aligner, SureSmile Ortho and SureSmile Advanced.