SureSmile® Delivers Outstanding Results in Less Time than Conventional Treatment

Straighter Teeth in Less Time

SureSmile® technology has been featured on Good Morning AmericaSuresmile robot and other news programs, such as The Doctors. Dr. Farnsworth is Kentucky's first  SureSmile orthodontist and our practice has been using this technology since 2007. We create 3-D images of your teeth and bite by digitally scanning your teeth using the 3M Tru-Def scanner. Dr. Farnsworth uses this 3-D model to create customized braces wires for each patient. These wires move the teeth to their final position with greater efficiency and precision than conventional braces wires, resulting in up to 6-8 months less time in braces for most patients.

The SureSmile state-of-the-art technology yields:

  • enhanced patient comfort and more precise finishes
  • fewer trips to the office
  • shorter treatment times

Dr. Farnsworth has more control to precisely configure each patient's treatment plan using 3-D imaging and customizing each patient's archwires. The Shape Memory alloy wires used in the SureSmile design are more efficient than the traditional archwires used in conventional braces, resulting in shorter treatment times and less discomfort due to fewer wire changes during treatment.

Treatment Planning

Dr. Farnsworth uses SureSmile 3-D Treatment Planning Software to analyze the virtual model of your teeth and then plot precise individual tooth movements for the entire course of your treatment. Because your smile design is planned on the computer, we are able to deliver customized braces wires that work more efficiently, which means fewer wire changes and adjustments to reach your final result!

Personalized Archwires

SureSmile robots custom bend space-age Shape Memory Alloy archwires exclusively for your orthodontic treatment, based on your orthodontist's instructions. These "smart" wires, which permanently retain your individual prescription, are some of the most efficient archwires available in orthodontics today. These wires deliver efficient tooth movement because they permanently retain the custom bends. The end result is more directed tooth movement that "shortens the distance" to achieve your desired smile.

What Makes SureSmile Different?

Advanced technology is what separates the SureSmile system from conventional treatments. In conventional orthodontics, the orthodontist uses a plaster model, photos and X-rays to determine generally how they will treat your teeth.

The finishing positions for your teeth are developed over time by viewing progress at frequent monitoring visits. As a result, the finishing stage of treatment, where the fine alignments of your teeth occur, can take as long as the major adjustments.

Archwires are typically bent by hand at chairside. Wires made from these bendable materials such as stainless steel require continuous re-adjustment over the course of treatment and are inefficient and imprecise compared to SureSmile wires.

SureSmile is different because treatment planning occurs on the computer, where Dr. Farnsworth is able to precisely map out your entire treatment and design target positions for your teeth and smile. SureSmile wires are then created, which are customized to each patient, to move the teeth to the desired positions more efficiently, thus reducing treatment time by up to 6-8 months over conventional braces.